We are honored to be in ministry together with First UMC Elgin where we are in worship together the first Sunday of every month (Communion Sunday) at the 11:30 AM Prayer and Praise Celebration service.  Please visit www.fumcelgin.org to get more details on all their ministries as well as the PPC service.

Check out the bulletin below to get a feel for what is going on at PPC. It is an awesome, intimate contemporary experience.

Click below to hear a couple of the songs from the PPC service.

Better Is One Day -DI

Born Again - DI

God Of Miracles - DI

Praise Prayer and Celebration

June 6, 2010                                                                                11:30 a.m.

Communion Sunday/First Sunday Appeal

Prepare to Celebrate             God of Miracles”                     Planet Shakers

(Please fill out your attendance insert and

put in offering plate)

Welcome and Greeting                                                              Bob Carroll

Celebration Songs
          “Friend of God”                                                                    Houghton
          “Better is One Day”                                                                Redman

Bible Reading                                                                                             

       Galatians 24 1:11-24

 A Heart to Heart                                                                                           

“Better Than E-Mail”                                                                           Jon

Song                                “In Me”                                      Casting Crowns

Joys andConcerns                                                                            Mona

Giving Gifts to God and Receiving Gifts fromGod                                  

     “Born Again”                                                                              Third Day

Sending Song                                                                                             

          “Yes, I Will”                                                                             Norman

Closing Prayer                                                                                    Jon

Next Week’s Scripture                                       Next Week’s Heart to Heart

Luke 7:36 - 8:3                                                 “The Messenger Continues”