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Grace UMC

Order of Worship

January 24, 2010

May all that we do bring glory and pleasure to God.

Please be seated and bring your mind and body back to the Heart of Worship.

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Meet and Greet:    
Luke 10:27 “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

    Please greet each other in the spirit of Jesus’ command.

Time with the Children

Giving our Hearts to God in Song:

“Open Up the Gates”

“Glory to You”

“Let the Praises Ring”


CHURCH’N IT UP – Purpose Driven Attendance


“What Life Would Be Like”

Time of Prayer, Joys, Concerns and Thanksgiving

Closing Song:

“One Way”

May the Lord bless you and keep you until we can be together again in the name of Jesus – the Christ.

Heart Of Worship


Time With The Children

Open Up The Gates

Glory To You

Let The Praises Ring

Purpose Driven Attendance

What Life Would Be Like

One Way

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