Divine Impact's focus is to increase ministry resources, experience and support available to local churches in the Elgin area. We partner with local churches to help fill gaps, deepen the strength and broaden the reach of their ministries.

DI often fills in for staff on vacation, providing music when their band needs a break, leading worship or youth group activities when their clergy/directors are away, or simply to add diversity to their ministry program.

DI also provides ministry activities independent of our constituent’s local congregations. These activities not only draw current Christians from local congregations but are designed to reach the un-churched or those that are non-denominational within our communities. DI activities are complementary and inclusive to those of the local churches.

Finally, DI makes all of our developed resources available to all churches for their own staff and congregations to ease the burden of developing their own resources. These are the same resources that are developed for DI’s own programs and are made available for others to reach people for Christ in their own way. Most materials are available electronically.


Divine Impact offers ministry opportunities for living out a life of service in the name of Christ. We regularly organize teams to help with local homeless ministries, children's ministries and ministries for the elderly. If you want to serve and are having a hard time organizing, we can help.

DI organizes a week long mission trip every summer where students and adult chaperones travel to various areas of the US to work on homes for the needy. We do this in conjunction with Reach Ministries international (Reach Workcamps).


2009 REACH

From working a day in the inner city environment or a week in the rural areas of Appalachia - God is calling us to serve one another in Love. Our journey toward Christ cannot be progress unless we continually find ways to have a servant heart.

Our outreach activities plug into many local ministries and service outlets to provide home repair, yard work and landscaping, support for Special Olympics, work in local elder care facilities, deliver groceries, provide transportation for shut-ins, Christmas Gift drive, etc.

Once or twice a year, we embark on a more intense and involved mission experience - usually in the summer months. These activities vary based on the needs of the community. 


  1. Home construction and repair including: painting, roofing, plumbing repair, winterizing/weatherproofing and revitalizing foundations for mobile homes.
  2. Activities to provide handicapped access to homes or community centers including: providing ramps, widening doorways, fixing sidewalks so they are passable.

These activities are generally over 1 week or longer which also allows our team and volunteers to make deeper new relationships with our target residents. During these activities, the workers participate in evening worship and education activities to deepen their own faith journey. Most activities are conducted in the Appalachian area of the United States (West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania). 

Divine Impact hopes to expand to more global mission trips in partnership with Group Ministries and Christ Community Go Teams ministry. 


Need a team to lead contemporary worship for you? Praise team going on retreat or just taking a break? Need summer music or a special music offering for your service? WE CAN HELP. We will partner with your worship  team to support your ministry. DI can provide a full worship service including all bulletins, visuals or even A/V system if needed. Services are all tailored to meet the individual needs of your congregation. DI can also be there to fill gaps due to absences.

DI has the experience to help you establish a contemporary worship option for your ministry.


2009 DI Band at Sugar Grove Event

Divine Impact praise bands are comprised of spirit filled young adults and youth who love Jesus and love to be in the community sharing their message....that Jesus is our personal savior and He does make a difference in our lives.

Divine Impact's praise bands are regularly involved in worship services, special ministry events/celebrations and concerts in the area. They have been a part of Riverfest, fundraising events, provided special concerts for the partrons of the soup kettle, special
community celebrations and youth kickoff/celebration events. They are very flexible and can tailor their music and message as appropriate for your event.

DI provides a multi-media presentation of CCM, scripture and inspirational testimony. They have a wide repertoire of current songs with some great arrangements of some of our faith’s traditional hymns. They have
 a fully portable Audio/Visual system for indoor or outdoor events. We are glad to share these resources with others during our events.

So, need a Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) praise team for your worship service, special event or celebration? Need a CCM band for your concert roster? Thinking about starting a praise team or a contemporary worship service? Divine Impact can help.


DI conducts small groups in homes around the community. These are youth, parent and combined small groups. Tremendous things happen when we gather in small groups to dive deeper into our releationship with Jesus and with each other. This is a time of deeper and more focused attention to the scripture and prayer.

Each session has prayer time, in-depth scripture study and tons of awesome some fellowship. Small groups will also take on special events like going to dinner together or doing community service together (local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries are examples). Most sessions are held in homes in the community while some special events are held in local community centers and churches.

Small groups generally meet weekly and each session lasts approximately 2 hours.  Small groups are open to anyone so check out the small groups page to see where you might fit in.


We organize several camps and retreats per year. We include study, fellowship, team building activities, prayer, meals and lots of games and fun. We generally got to local retreat sites for the weekend to get away from every day pressures and really focus on our relationship with Jesus and each other. Check out upcoming events for the next retreat.


Check out the coming events page to see the fellowship activities we have coming up. Who knows, maybe bowling, canoeing, ice skating, picnic, swimming or a night out on the town.